Melrose Performing Arts Center
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Product Cutsheets & Manuals

  Sound Equipment 

  Lighting/Video Equipment

  Architectural Control 

  Booth Mixer   Mackie_onyx1620
  CD Player   Denon DNC635
  Wireless Mic   Shure ulx
  Automated Mixer   Shure scm268
  Dressing Room Mixer   TOA A-912MK2
  Hearing Assist   Telex ST-300_SR-400
  DSP   Shure dfr22
  DSP   Behringer DCX2496
  Amplifier   Crown CTS
  Amplifier   Biamp CPA130
  Speaker   JBL JRX100
  Speaker Limiter   Renkus-Heinz x12
   Speaker   Renkus-Heinz STSTX7
   Mixer Shure ULXP458  

  Video Projector   Eiki LC-X71
  Lighting Console   ETC SmartFade
  Lighting Console   ETC SmartSoft
  Lighting Console   Leviton Innovator
  Followspot   Off Broadway FS400
  Cyc Light   Selecon Hui
  Ellipsoidal   Leviton LEO
  Fresnel   Leviton 6"
  PAR   Altman Star*PAR
  PAR   Altman PAR64
  Dimmers   Leviton "I" Series
  Replacement Lamps
  Melrose Drawings   Leviton  

   How to Create a Staion File
   USB to Serial Interface
  Sapphire Slider Control
  Sapphire LCD Station
  Sapphire Single Gang


  Belt Pack   Telex_BP2002
  Wall Station   Audiocom_SS2000
  Master Station   Audiocom_MS2002
 Digital Audio Console

  PC Lighting Control  

  Studiolive-16-4-2   Brochure
  Studiolive-16-4-2   Manual
  Studiolive-16-4-2   Recall Sheet
  PCstage   Reference Manual
  PCstage   Tips


Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Auditorium
Melrose Performing Arts Center
Melrose Center for the Performing Arts